Top Five Traits that Make Women Effective Investors

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Jessica Robinson wrote an article for which discusses the female venture capitalist and the 5 traits that help to make women effective investors. Those 5 traits are Women see beyond the obvious Women take [...]

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The Most Popular Messaging Platforms, By The Numbers

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The article and infographic provided by Social Media Today describes how people are using social media and what apps are currently trending so we, as marketers, can target the consumer. The article quotes Facebook founder, [...]

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From Nathan at Foundr Magazine

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In each space and industry there are always a lot of gurus, tons of amateurs and then there are the real foundrs (yes without the 'e') The entrepreneurs. The people who know how to GSD. [...]

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Heading to Atlanta for Digital Summit?

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It's billed as "The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering" and it's happening next week in Atlanta. May 23-24, the industry comes together to discuss best practices with a star-studded lineup of keynote speakers. Speakers include Seth [...]

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Unbranded Campaigns

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Recently, McDonalds launched an 'unbranded' campaign. This is interesting in the fact that the campaign does not feature their iconic golden arches or "I'm lovin' it" Chief Marketer's article gets into detail about this here

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Interesting Read About OpenTable

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  This article provides a great summary of how restaurants are using data and analytics through a cloud dashboard. As well as talking about the future of this field.  

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The “Minimum Viable Product” Approach

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Pragmatically developing a new product or service helps businesses in many ways.  First, getting the product in front of the target market helps identify which features are essential, which are nice complements, and which are [...]

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Speed Vital for New Mover Data

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Most marketers know the value of targeting New Movers, for both customer acquisition and retention. When a consumer moves, they make significant purchasing decisions for items such as furniture, electronics, appliances, and even textiles. They [...]

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