Welcome to Flatiron Resources. We are a small management consulting company helping business thrive. With prior Big 4 consulting experience, we are ready, willing, and able to help your business achieve success.

Flatiron Strategy

Ideas and opportunities are everywhere.  The challenges are in prioritizing the most compelling opportunities and diligently pursuing the chosen path.  Flatiron Resources helps businesses thrive with our breadth of services and experiences.

Pursuing the chosen path in today’s market requires a realistic and pragmatic approach to resource allocation, both human and financial resources.  Whether you are pursuing a new market, new product, or new competitive position, we’ll help refine the approach and allocate resources to optimize the likelihood of success.

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Flatiron Marketing

Getting through the information overload facing today’s consumer is challenging.  Flatiron Resources helps overcome the challenge through tactical steps intended to help your product or service reach the target market.  Through the design of compelling branding, effective marketing collateral, and successful marketing campaigns, your organization is capable of achieving success.

One of the important tenets of successful marketing is consistently positioning the brand.  Brand positioning is multi-faceted, involving analysis of the target market, competition, features of the product or service, and so much more.  Our experience across different industries provides the opportunity to bring compelling concepts to your business.

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Flatiron Financials

Can you remember a time when so much organizational energy was focused on your financial picture?  And, do you see this focus subsiding any time soon?  Neither can we.  Understanding your complex financial picture is vital to your business’ success, if not it’s existence.

Flatiron Financials helps you best understand your financial picture.  We help throughout your Finance function to gather and analyze the information relevant to effective decision-making.  From effectively constructing your Chart of Accounts to providing the right financial reporting to guide your business, we have years of experience helping clients improve their financial performance.

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