Flatiron Resources performs management consulting services aimed at helping your business thrive. Even in difficult economic times, opportunities abound.  We help your organization develop a compelling business strategy, then diligently pursue the most attractive opportunities.

Our approach to providing consulting services differs from many firms.  We comparatively focus on pragmatic, step-wise solutions which provide two advantages.  First, pursuing opportunities in dynamic market conditions is extremely difficult.  Instead, we advocate pursuing opportunities in smaller increments, with tangible milestones and success criteria.  This allows projects to evolve with changing market conditions and increase the likelihood of success.  Second, we aim to help make opportunities self-funding, with a faster payback period and greater market validation.  Our experience has shown that this pragmatic approach leads to greater success.

Flatiron Resources has engaged clients ranging from the largest companies on the Fortune 100 to start-ups working in temporary office space.  Each type of organization benefits from the quality services we provide.  We have worked on four continents and over 20 countries, on projects with small teams in one room to large-scale teams around the globe.

We originally “cut our teeth” with a large, traditional Big 4 firm.  Today our independence working as a small management consulting firm provides the opportunity to be more nimble, pursue interesting and challenging engagements, and work more intimately with our clients.  We’ve been providing management consulting services since 1996.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Flatiron Resources can contribute to helping your business thrive.