From Nathan at Foundr Magazine

In each space and industry there are always a lot of gurus, tons of amateurs and then there are the real foundrs (yes without the 'e') The entrepreneurs. The people who know how to GSD. They apply all the things we talk about. Idea validation. Frameworks. Systems. Branding. Scaling. These people are the real deal and often land on the cover of our magazine. They make real money, disrupt industries, build real businesses, and amazing teams. And sure, like any entrepreneur they have ups, downs, hits and misses - so they aren't bulletproof but they have a consistent track record of success across a range of businesses. That's the kind of person I look for when I want to learn and master something. No hype, no one hit wonders, just results. Tried and tested in the real world. That's how they pass my BS test. With results that are consistent, have been repeated and have been achieved over time. Because people can be amazing marketers but it's results that talk. So I always have my ear to the ground to see who is getting great results. Now as you probably already know, we are putting together some in-depth training on [...]