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Providing Data-Driven Client Solutions

Harness the Power of Today’s Wealth of Data to Drive Business Performance

Flatiron works with clients to leverage all the data being generated today, creating data-driven solutions to improve business performance. We offer a wide range of data-driven solutions, including targeted advertising, analytics, cloud-based solutions, full-cycle marketing, and much more. Partnerships with technology providers offering data-related services help improve time-to-market. Superior client service helps make Flatiron the partner of choice for leading brands around the world!

Reach the Right Consumers with Flatiron Targeted Marketing

Using advanced consumer targeting based on demographic, financial, behavioral, and lifestyle data elements, Flatiron helps clients reach the right consumers…at the right time. With full-cycle advertising services we also manage client advertising campaigns through real-time ad exchanges, reaching the targeted consumers wherever they may be, yielding incredible results!

Over 3,500 Demographic, Financial, Behavioral,
& Lifestyle Targeting Elements from Strategic Partners

Flatiron’s skills and experience source optimal data solutions for clients from over a dozen data providers.





Flatiron Helps Clients Implement Salesforce Solutions

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Where in the Sales Funnel Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

Each phase of the standard sales funnel requires a specific strategy and set of actions. Each is vitally important to the long-term health of your business. Upstream phases are far too often ignored. Flatiron helps clients design and implement specific strategies for each phase the consumer traverses.


Identify and reach specific consumer segments most likely to be interested in your brand.



Target consumers at the critical moments when evaluating and actively seeking products & services.



Deftly guide consumers thru the process of making the purchase with up-sell/cross-sell solutions.

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When Client Relations Matter, Flatiron is Here to Serve.

Consultants play a vital role in today’s business environment. Too often, though, consultants are more interested in their own resume and billable hours. At Flatiron, clients come first, through their outcomes and achievements, via our deliverables, processes, skills, and fundamental dedication to service.

Long-Term Relationships

We've had multiple clients for 10+ years, by providing quality outcomes and earning trust.

The Golden Rule

Start by treating clients as we would like to be treated. Then make sure every undertaking adds value. Be professional. Place clients first. Earn trust. Focus on the relationship, the outcomes, the value.

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Provide Value

Business changes. Fast. It's vital to our client's success that we keep learning, building skills, and monitoring the business landscape.

Dedicated to Learning

Diverse skills allow us to better understand the relationships between business functions. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Each action leads to reaction.

How Can We Help?

Positive Outcomes

Experienced consultants focused on delivering value, fostering a virtuous cycle which earns our status as trusted advisors.

Extensive History of Providing Value

Let’s talk about your challenges and opportunities. We’ll offer perspectives and help advance the thinking, leading to an actionable path towards your goals.

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Gain Insight Into Data-Driven Performance with Amazon QuickSight

Low-cost and effective, Amazon’s QuickSight analytics tools, built on AWS, provide fast time-to-insight, in time to adjust marketing programs and influence outcomes.

Global Reach…Engagements in Over 25 Countries.

Flatiron has served clients in over 25 countries…we go where we can provide the most value to the clients we serve!

How can we be of service to can we help unlock the power of today's exponential growth of available data?