In each space and industry there are always a lot of gurus, tons of amateurs and then there are the real foundrs (yes without the ‘e’)

The entrepreneurs.
The people who know how to GSD.
They apply all the things we talk about.

Idea validation. Frameworks. Systems. Branding. Scaling.

These people are the real deal and often land on the cover of our magazine.

They make real money, disrupt industries, build real businesses, and amazing teams. And sure, like any entrepreneur they have ups, downs, hits and misses – so they aren’t bulletproof but they have a consistent track record of success across a range of businesses.

That’s the kind of person I look for when I want to learn and master something. No hype, no one hit wonders, just results.

Tried and tested in the real world.

That’s how they pass my BS test.

With results that are consistent, have been repeated and have been achieved over time. Because people can be amazing marketers but it’s results that talk. So I always have my ear to the ground to see who is getting great results.

Now as you probably already know, we are putting together some in-depth training on ecommerce and I asked Gretta Van Riel to come in and teach us how.

And so maybe you’re thinking…

Does Gretta pass the BS test?

You can decide for yourself – introducing Gretta Van Riel

  • Founded 4 x multimillion dollar ecommerce businesses (first one at 23 years old)
  • Winner of the Shopify Build a Business Award (ecommerce award)
  • Featured on the Tim Ferris Blog (for ecommerce)
  • Mentored by Eric Ries (for ecommerce)
  • Founder of SkinnyMeTea (ecommerce business)
  • Founder of DropBottle (ecommerce business)
  • Co-Founder the5thWatches (ecommerce business)
  • And more…

Within just 6 months of starting her first ecommerce business it was generating $600,000 USD per month! She was then instrumental in launching another ecommerce business called the5thwatches – generating $100,000 USD on the first day.

Gretta has seen million dollar sales days on her online stores and just celebrated 5 years since she founded her first successful ecommerce store (and yes, it’s still going strong!).

So yes, not only does Gretta pass the test… she absolutely crushes it

Gretta has a consistent and repeated track-record of success with e-commerce. And importantly, she has been winning, scaling and growing multiple ecommerce businesses for more than 5 years now.

And the best part?

She started it all with about $20 bucks in the bank whilst working a full time job. So she knows how to keep risk low and test out ideas before building them. Gretta has done it with zero funding and zero investment.

And as a special favour to me and the Foundr team, Gretta has agreed to come in and teach our new course, How to Start and Scale Your Online Store to share everything she knows with you about eCommerce, marketing and starting an online store.

It’s step-by-step training that will show you how to win with #ecommerce as well as Gretta’s exact process, hacks, tips and frameworks. She reveals exactly how she comes up with multimillion dollar ideas – and implements them.

So if you have ever wanted to start a business, create an online store, or scale your existing ecommerce store OR simply learn from a master entrepreneur…

– this will be your chance.

Enrolment will be opening next week, on Monday, for one week only. I’ll send you some more details about what’s going on and we are going to do either a Facebook live streaming next week, or a Google hang out.

If you want to be on the VIP waitlist to get first access and a special offer. Click here.