Flatiron Systems approaches the market in a unique manner: technology follows and supports the needs of the business.  Our Flatiron Systems services begin by assisting your organization in defining the objectives and establishing the direction forward.  Then we collaborate with clients in determining how technology can best support the direction, enhancing the planning, and assuring that only what is needed in support of the direction is developed and deployed.

Many, if not most, new business initiatives are aimed at leveraging technology, which continues to evolve at an amazing rate, to obtain either a new market advantage or seize a new opportunity.  But, too often, being enamored with the possibilities of new technology detracts from the overall business objective.

Consistent with our pragmatic approach towards business solutions, Flatiron Systems aims to deploy technology at the pace required to sustain your new initiative.  We seek to avoid large-scale technology investments early in the life of a new initiative, instead ramping up capacity and functionality commensurately with the success of the business.  Fortunately, the market for such technologies is also evolving in this manner.  Newer concepts, such as cloud computing, software-as-a-service, and agile development all support this pragmatic view.

Similarly, Flatiron Systems is equally adept at evaluating existing technologies which may meet your needs, performing supplemental development bridging existing technology to meet requirements, or developing applications from scratch for the most unique needs.  Whichever approach is most sensible to support the business objectives will be recommended.

By combining the diverse services offered by Flatiron Resources, we maintain the diligent approach of ensuring that technology exists to support your initiative.

We welcome the chance to discuss your business opportunities and how Flatiron Systems can support the pursuit of your business objectives.