It’s been said that sales is the lifeblood of any business.  That certainly makes sense, for without sales a business cannot exist.  Today, even the best products require support through an effective sales organization.  And being an effective sales organization today is increasingly more “science” than “art”.  Flatiron Sales helps establish the structure, deploy the technologies, and instill the processes to create an effective sales organization.

Sometimes establishing a more effective sales organization is evolutionary in nature.  We assist clients evolve into becoming more effective, perhaps through the development of more effective sales collateral or deploying a more metric-driven analytic model.

Often, becoming more effective with sales can be a revolutionary change.  This is particularly true when your business launches a new business unit, new product or service offering, or new market.  In these cases there is no existing organizational precedent to leverage.  Flatiron Sales helps design the new sales function, deploy supporting technologies, establish the methods which identify the effective drivers of sales success, identify the most suitable talent, and perform the training to best prepare the sales organization.

Fortunately, as improvements to data flow and information sharing continue at an unprecedented pace, the industry providing services for sales support, effectiveness monitoring, and pipeline management is developing at a largely equal pace.  The most prominent example is the popularity of  Flatiron Sales can help deploy services such as, configure the service optimally for your needs, develop add-on functionality, migrate your existing data, train resources, and analyze performance.

We welcome the opportunity to help create a world-class sales organization to support your business.