Can you remember a time when so much organizational energy was focused on your financial picture?  And, do you see this focus subsiding any time soon?  Neither can we.  Understanding your complex financial picture is vital to your business’ success, if not it’s existence.

Flatiron Financials helps you best understand your financial picture.  We help throughout your Finance function to gather and analyze the information relevant to effective decision-making.  From effectively constructing your Chart of Accounts to providing the right financial reporting to guide your business, we have years of experience helping clients improve their financial performance.

Today, robust data visualization tools are available to uncover the value-drivers within your business.  While many companies offer such tools, our contribution is in recognizing which levers are leading indicators of both success and trouble for your organization.  We help you influence the future outcome of your business rather than reflecting on the past.  We focus on what is going to happen, instead of what just happened.

We welcome the opportunity to help provide the information and analysis your business needs to navigate these troubled waters.