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Effective, Targeted Marketing Programs for Powersports Dealers

Reach only the consumers most likely to be interested in powersports using advanced consumer intelligence provided by Experian, Polk, Google and more. Only 10% of people are interested in powersports. Stop wasting precious advertising dollars on people not likely to buy. Flatiron uses demographic, financial, behavioral, and lifestyle data to identify the best targets…then reach these prospects effectively using programmatic digital advertising techniques via desktop and mobile ads. These are the same techniques used by leading consumer brands to drive millions of dollars in revenue. We’ve helped powersports dealers sell over 750 units and generate over $10 million in sales just so far in 2017. It’s easy to join, easy to launch, and it’s proven to work!

Reach the Right Consumers with Flatiron Targeted Marketing

Using advanced consumer targeting based on demographic, financial, behavioral, and lifestyle data elements, Flatiron helps clients reach the right consumers…at the right time. With full-cycle advertising services we also manage client advertising campaigns through real-time ad exchanges, reaching the targeted consumers wherever they may be, yielding incredible results!

How Does Flatiron Targeted Marketing Work?

Here’s how we deliver results…

Targeting only the consumers most likely to be interested in specific powersports segments

Segment-level targeting including Cruisers, Sportbikes, Touring, 4 types of ATV segments, Side-by-Sides…13 separate powersports segments…

Consumer Targeting

Using consumer intelligence from Experian, Polk, Google, and more, Flatiron targets only the consumers most likely to be interested in specific powersports segments and brands. Over 15 different powersports audiences allow us to target the best consumers for your campaign goals.

Compelling Ads

We create the ad content required for the exchanges in 6 different sizes, with compelling visuals, dealer information, and specific calls-to-action, while ensuring co-op eligibility. Dealers can also use the ad content on their web sites and social media posts at no additional charge.

Real-Time Ad Exchanges

Flatiron has full-time ad optimization staff adjusting parameters through the real-time ad exchanges, optimizing ad content, placement, bid prices, ad sizes, dayparting, and hundreds of other settings, while ensuring brand safety, leveraging our powersports experience to continually optimize campaigns.

Leading Web Sites

Dealer ads appear on leading consumer brand sites, including CNN, ESPN, FOXNews, Rolling Stone, Yahoo, and dozens more. Targeted marketing is about reaching the right consumers, wherever they are on the web, rather than just advertising on enthusiast sites to people in the industry.

Providing Tangible Results in 2017

Millions of Ad Impressions
Units Sold
Dealer Revenue Generated
Site Visits Generated
I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but after a few months I see the power of targeted marketing.
Dealer Principal, BMW Dealer - West Coast

This makes all the sense in the world. We’ve needed to separate advertising to the masses to focus on people ready to buy.

Marketing Manager, Harley-Davidson Dealer

You helped make our new product launch a success. Not only was the event well attended, it was the right type of people really interested in buying.

Dealership Owner, Ducati Dealer

I don’t know how you do it, and I don’t want to know. I just want to keep enjoying the success!

Dealer Owner, BMW Dealer - SoCal

How the Flatiron program works…

Here’s an overview of the monthly campaign cycle:

  • Determine Campaign Goals

  • Set Investment Level

  • We identify the best prospects to target

  • We create compelling ad content

  • We launch campaign through real-time ad exchanges

  • Ongoing campaign optimization, adjusting 100+ parameters to deliver results

  • Targeted consumers see dealer ads on leading web sites

  • Targets click on ads or visit dealer site directly, both tracked by Flatiron

  • Dealer’s sales process moves targets towards purchase

  • Sales occur, over 750 verified so far in 2017

  • Performance reporting delivered

  • Adjustments for next month, incl. goals, budget, ad content, consumer targeting

Ready to join? Give us a call at (312) 242-3790

We Create Compelling Ad Content for Your Campaign

Flexible Investment Levels to Meet Your Budget


  • approx. 3 million ad impressions


  • approx. 2 million ad impressions


  • approx. 1.3 million impressions


  • approx. 1 million ad impressions


  • approx. 500k ad impressions

How to Get Started

Getting Started is Easy…Then Turnkey Once Launched! 

Choose your investment level, set the goals, give webmaster the tracking code, then approve the assets. It’s that simple…and remember, you can change your campaign and budget levels monthly, even skip a month or cancel. We’ve worked to make the program as easy as possible for powersports dealers to participate.

  • Set Investment Level – Choose from 5 standard investment levels. Depending on the season, we recommend a lower investment level to start, such as the Bronze level.
  • Choose What to Promote – We’ll work with you to design the best possible campaign, promoting either specific models, segments, special programs or incentives, or the quality of the dealership.
  • Choose the Consumers to Target – Here, too, the Flatiron team discusses options with you, selecting the best audience to target from among the dozens of powersports-specific audiences we have access to from leading providers such as Experian, Polk, Google, and more.
  • Share Co-Op Eligibility Requirements – If you want to utilize co-op support, we will make sure the campaign meets all of the OEM requirements and provide you the supporting materials. For some OEMs we can even file the claim on your behalf, making the program as easy as possible for you to manage.
  • Determine Advertising Area – We’ll assist in determining the best zip codes to include for targeting. For co-op eligibility we will use your defined territory as required by the OEM. We can provide insight regarding how many of the targeted consumers reside in your territory to achieve the best balance of distance and target population density.
  • Sign the Advertiser Insertion Order – The “IO” is the standard contract used for digital advertising, provided by the trade association governing the industry (the IAB). Please download the IO here and return it to info@flatironresources.com when complete. We will countersign the IO and return a copy for your records.
  • Choose Preferred Reporting – At no additional charge, Flatiron provides multiple reporting options. If you’d like to track the campaign inside your Google Analytics, we will provide UTM codes to track each campaign parameter.
  • Install Tracking Code – We can measure not only people who click on the ads, but those who see ads and then visit the dealer site later. We provide a small snippet of tracking code to place in your web site. Common powersports hosting companies such as DealerSpike have installed this code hundreds of times. Simply forward the email we provide to your webmaster. The code is valid throughout your campaign so it only needs to be installed once.
  • Approve Campaign Assets – We will review all the campaign settings with you before “going live” to make sure we are meeting your objectives. This includes the creative content, which we also provide at no cost for your web site and social media uses.
Download the Insertion Order to get Started

Flatiron Offers Your Choice of Reporting at No Charge

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor campaign performance directly, inside your Google Analytics account, with codes provided by Flatiron.

UTM Codes for Google Analytics

We provide custom UTM codes to track traffic generated through the campaign inside your existing Google Analytics account. Multiple codes for each audience and ad content.

Google Analytics

Performance Reporting

Monthly report including key performance metrics, tracking link clicks and separate site visits by the targeted consumers.

Monthly Performance Reporting

Key performance metrics like link clicks and site visits as well as benchmark data from other campaigns for comparison.

Performance Reporting

Sales/Leads Reporting

We match the targeted consumers with your Sales and/or Leads files to measure campaign ROI performance, securely.

Match Sales and Leads Generated

We take the files of consumers being targeted and match to either your Sales and/or Leads files, identifying the specific ROI achieved by the campaign.

Sales Reporting

Questions?…We’ve got answers…

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see my stats in Google Analytics?2017-08-01T11:26:10-05:00

This is easy. We tag each category of advertisement with specific codes, called UTM codes, that Google Analytics can handle. For instance, if you are promoting two brands, or two models, we will assign different codes to each so you can see which category is driving traffic to your site. But, it’s important to note, by far the majority of traffic generated through digital advertising today is when somebody sees an ad and then visits the site directly, rather than actually clicking on the ad. It’s about a 10-to-1 ratio of people who visit sites directly rather than click on an ad. We can track people who are exposed to ads and then visit the site directly for 90 days from when they see the ads. In other words, Google Analytics is helpful, but will significantly under-count the traffic generated by the ads.

How do you the Sales Reporting?2017-08-01T11:19:52-05:00

In order to provide Sales Reporting we match the files of those consumers being targeted to the files of either your sales or your leads. This way we can see which names appear in both lists, knowing these people saw ads and eventually purchased. We can provide Sales Reporting monthly. To do so, we provide the dealer with access to our Secure Client Portal, where you can upload either your Sales or Leads file, and then we perform the matching, at no charge.

Have dealers really sold 750 motorcycles through the program this year?2017-08-01T11:17:01-05:00

Absolutely! But, it’s important to note that this campaign is just one of many influences on a consumer. We help pique their interest, influencing their buying activity. For such a big-ticket, discretionary purchase, consumers are often more contemplative. We are likely influencing the timing, location, brand, and model of their purchase. Because we’re targeting the absolute best consumer targets, some of these consumers may have purchased on their own, without the influence of this advertising. On the whole, we see that the dealers involved in the program out-perform their peers by being involved in the program.

Can I use my own ad content?2017-08-01T11:11:48-05:00

Sure, but there are 6 required ad sizes for participating in the real-time exchanges. Usually, we can take your ad content and modify it to work with the exchange requirements.

How long does it take to see results?2017-08-01T11:10:19-05:00

This is an important question. While you may see some immediate impact, it usually takes 3-4 months for a campaign such as this to be effective in powersports. This is because we have such a long sales cycle. Powersports Business says it takes an average of 121 days between first contact with a dealer and purchase…on average! So, just like when fishing you may catch a fish on the first cast, it usually takes longer. Please do not join if you only intend to be a part of the program for a month or two. It will be difficult to see a positive ROI in such a short time.

Does Flatiron do other marketing than banner ads?2017-07-31T15:12:38-05:00

Yes, we serve powersports dealers with several data-related services. We perform targeted marketing through Facebook campaigns, Email marketing, Direct Mail, and even Addressable Television at the OEM level. We also perform Data Hygiene for dealers, helping keep records up to date and fill in missing info such as email addresses and current contact info.

Can I cancel my subscription or skip a month?2017-07-29T01:42:01-05:00

Yes, by all means. You may have specific months where your marketing dollars are allocated elsewhere and you want to skip a month, or perhaps cancel altogether, or you may want to invest more than your subscription level one month. You can make changes at any time, but the program works on monthly cycles. Changes need to be made by the 20th of the month to take effect the following month. So, a change made on October 19 will take effect November 1, while a change made October 20 with take effect December 1. Please also note that there is a 3-month minimum for participating in the Flatiron powersports marketing program.

How much does the program cost?2017-07-29T01:37:09-05:00

Dealers have a choice of which investment level to subscribe, from $1,200 per month to as much as $6,000 monthly. Higher investment levels garner even more ad impressions and more targeted consumers reached. This means that dealers electing the $3,000 investment level receive more than twice the impressions/targets than dealers investing at $1,500 monthly. Higher investment levels have greater economies of scale.

Ready to join? Give us a call at (312) 242-3790
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